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5DOLLARLASH premium 17mm high quality fiber eyelashes in the style

“ tangerine “.

Offers the perfect finishing touch for any look. Full glam, neutral glam or 100% natural.

These lashes are very lightweight and soft to the touch.

Our lashes come with the flexible cotton band for your upmost comfort.

Every pair is handmade and are made with high quality fibers.

With the proper care our lashes can be worn up to 10 times.

Every pair includes a FREE eyelash spoolie tool.

* The photo you see is the EXACT lash you'll receive. These are our lash models that wear the lashes on eye. To give our customers a visual of the lashes on eye.

* Please do not buy our lashes expecting them to look like other lashes you have purchased. ALL lash brands and lash creators are different. This is why we have lash models.

*Please note due to the nature of our product there is no returns/exchanges.

You can never have too many lashes